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How to choose a solid wood bed

Date Posted:2017/10/10 15:06:39

1, to judge whether the solid wood bed is made of solid wood
Tricks: scarring, grain and cross sections
Scar: see where the scarred side is, then look for the pattern on the other side
Wood grain: the outward appearance is a kind of pattern, then correspond to the position of this pattern change, see the corresponding pattern on the back, if correspond very well, then it is pure solid wood
Cross section: the color of the section is deeper than that of the panel, and it can be seen that it is made of a whole block of wood
2, look at the tree: what is a tree made of wood, which directly affect the price and quality. From the most cheap pine oak, mahogany, to expensive, the price difference of dozens of times. So don't because it is not considered all wood species, such as pine wood, besides environmental protection, performance is much worse than artificial board.
3, judge wood bed manufacturers origin: pay special attention to the origin of timber wood bed manufacturers. There is an old saying "wood but the Yangtze River, is in the production of solid wood bed south to the north, because weather moisture content, and thus prone to cracking, deformation and other problems. So choose the time to see origin.
4, observe without defects: several defects of wood: cracking, scarring, wormholes, mildew. At the time of purchase to examine all the details.
Cracking: naturally can not buy
Scar: if the front has scarred, the same position on the back there is also this scar, this scar basically belongs to a knot, a long time, will fall, so have the defects of furniture is absolutely can't buy.
Bug: Although a lot of furniture are so-called after drying degreasing treatment, but you think China is so big, so many furniture factory, the state management so weak, credibility to play at least 50 percent off. In addition to the Western wood bed, especially his engraved bug, the other will not buy.
Mildew: is wood green, traces of water phenomenon can not buy. Although sales aunt will tell you that has been drying, no problem. But you see, moldy bread after further processing, will you eat? Mildew wood, and its performance has been previously cannot be mention in the same breath.
5, look at the connection of all parts of the solid wood bed: solid wood bed, are connected by tenon groove, bearing in local relatively large areas, but also uses the screws and protection means such as strengthening. If you see the wood bed, using all screws fixed, so this kind of firmness solid wood bed is not high. Judge the strong degree of solid wood bed, you can take to shake the wood bed feeling the stability of judgment.
6, look at the paint quality solid wood bed surface: wood furniture are most afraid of water and fire. The fire will not say, for fear of water, there is an old saying: dry wet millennium, millennium, Shishi dry the years. If the water is about the wood surface and solid wood bed. Especially is the most effective way to prevent moisture intrusion. Therefore the solid wooden wooden bed should carefully check whether there is no brush to paint.

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