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The elements that must be remembered in choosing furniture

Date Posted:2017/10/10 15:03:14

1, furniture style is "modern", the more easily outdated, on the contrary, the traditional furniture diet cultural appeal durable, and has the property of maintaining value
2, the light color furniture suitable for small rooms or lighting conditions worse north room, lighting better rooms can choose dark color furniture, can show primitive simplicity, elegant atmosphere
3 years old, do not rush to buy fashionable tall cabinet, although high cabinet saves space, but it is inconvenient to climb.
4, the newly married young people buy furniture not only to new style, but also consider the life in the future when the baby comes. For example, may be installed in the cabinet of the glass door is to become a child to choose the best target doors.
5, we should pay attention to the environmental characteristics, there are factory chimneys, dust, furniture, sample selection is simple and clear, otherwise, cleaning will take you a lot of valuable time. For example, in a more humid room, it is not appropriate to use corner furniture
6, you should leave some leeway. The furniture in the room covers an area of homes in 45% is appropriate, but also leave some place coatrack household appliances and other living utensils.
7, furniture level, facade scale and room area, height coincide, so as not to buy furniture can not put in, or destroy the already conceived layout
8, in addition to the set of furniture, but also the configuration table, chair, sofa, coffee table and other furniture. Therefore, prior to understand the configuration of single piece of furniture colors, styles and sizes, or after it is hard to match.
9, buy furniture to move into the house? The key is the maximum of the longest diagonal diagonal furniture space can not be greater than the channel or at the corner of the stairs. Of course, the design of home has general reference of the building housing size. But there are some old house tenants should pay attention to this factor.
10, we should pay attention to the practicability of furniture. We should not be flashy, heavy style, and no use. Therefore, when buying furniture, we should give full consideration to our actual living needs

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